“A collection of small stories and short biographies, “Alpine on the Lake” offers a fascinating insight into the lives of those who settled the shores on Skagit County’s Lake Cavanaugh. Allan Ray Wenzel’s research — and the personal experiences of members of his own family — reminds the reader that history can be revealed by assembling and connecting these small stories in a meaningful way. The characters featured in the book met at a brief moment in time; most would eventually leave the area. But each, in their own way, left a mark on this small community along the lake. Wenzel’s book should be an inspiration to any historian that no story is too small or too insignificant to be told.

"Allan, great job. I especially enjoyed the capsule bios of the people along the lake. Fascinating to see who they affected the community, then left to live out their lives elsewhere. I’m happy to have been able to contribute in a small way."

— Rick Read
Whatcom Genealogical Society

“In ‘Alpine on the Lake,’ Allan Wenzel skillfully brought his careful investigation to life, making the reading both informative and pleasurable. It is an interesting blend of personal narrative and thoroughly competent historical research -- a fine example that may encourage genealogists to more often use the real-life experiences of their subjects to complement the documentation of chronological evidence.”

— Barbara Durr
Director of Extended Learning, Retired
Edmonds Community College
Lynnwood, Washington


“Very well researched and well written. And yet ‘Alpine on the Lake’ is an enjoyable, easy read not usually common to books of genealogical research. Mr. Wenzel’s rigorous research is enhanced by his own personal experience and the recounting of interviews with many who could tell first-hand of the growth and development of this early northern community in Washington state. I visited Lake Cavanaugh as a youngster, so it was a special treat for me. I really enjoyed this book.”

— Joan D. Hemmingsen


“Much more than a story of a village that was located on the shores of Lake Cavanaugh, Mr. Wenzel makes Alpine, a village that flourished at the turn of the last century, come alive as a community of people and families. The book chronicles who the citizens of Alpine were, how they lived together as a community and where their lives took them when they moved elsewhere.  The book is a well-documented historical work in an easy-to-read format with many photographs. ‘Alpine on the Lake’ is a valuable resource for any student of Pacific Northwest history.”

— Steve Baylor
Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society

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